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Clamps a number within the inclusive lower and upper bounds.

This function takes a number and two bounds, and returns the number clamped within the specified bounds. If only one bound is provided, it returns the minimum of the value and the bound.


function clamp(value: number, maximum: number): number;
function clamp(value: number, minimum: number, maximum: number): number;


  • value (number): The number to clamp.
  • minimum (number): The minimum bound to clamp the number.
  • maximum (number): The maximum bound to clamp the number.


(number): The clamped number within the specified bounds.


const result1 = clamp(10, 5); // result1 will be 5, as 10 is clamped to the bound 5
const result2 = clamp(10, 5, 15); // result2 will be 10, as it is within the bounds 5 and 15
const result3 = clamp(2, 5, 15); // result3 will be 5, as 2 is clamped to the lower bound 5
const result4 = clamp(20, 5, 15); // result4 will be 15, as 20 is clamped to the upper bound 15

Released under the MIT License.