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Creates an array of unique values from two given arrays based on a custom equality function.

This function takes two arrays and a custom equality function, merges the arrays, and returns a new array containing only the unique values as determined by the custom equality function.


function unionWith<T>(arr1: T[], arr2: T[], areItemsEqual: (item1: T, item2: T) => boolean): T[];


  • arr1 (T[]): The first array to merge and filter for unique values.
  • arr2 (T[]): The second array to merge and filter for unique values.
  • areItemsEqual ((item1: T, item2: T) => boolean): A custom function to determine if two elements are equal. It takes two arguments and returns true if the elements are considered equal, and false otherwise.


(T[]): A new array of unique values based on the custom equality function.


const array1 = [{ id: 1 }, { id: 2 }];
const array2 = [{ id: 2 }, { id: 3 }];
const areItemsEqual = (a, b) => ===;
const result = unionWith(array1, array2, areItemsEqual);
// result will be [{ id: 1 }, { id: 2 }, { id: 3 }] since { id: 2 } is considered equal in both arrays

Released under the MIT License.