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Bundle Footprint

Graph showing the difference in bundle size between es-toolkit and lodash. There is a difference up to 97% in bundle size.

With its modern implementation, es-toolkit significantly reduces its bundle size, cutting it down by up to 97% compared to other libraries like lodash.

This makes es-toolkit the most efficient in terms of bundle size, with some utility functions being as small as less than 100 bytes.

Bundle Footprint Comparison

sample88 bytes2000 bytes-95.6%
difference91 bytes3190 bytes-97.2%
sum152 bytes413 bytes-63.2%
debounce144 bytes1400 bytes-89.7%
throttle110 bytes1460 bytes-92.5%
pick657 bytes3860 bytes-83.0%
zip797 bytes1790 bytes-55.5%

Bundle Size Test Method

Our bundle size is measured using esbuild 0.23.0, by analyzing the size of code like the following:

import { chunk } from 'es-toolkit'; 
// or import { chunk } from 'lodash-es';


See our bundle size benchmark code for details.

Released under the MIT License.