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About es-toolkit

es-toolkit is a modern JavaScript utility library that offers a collection of powerful functions for everyday use.

Compared to alternatives like lodash, es-toolkit provides a significantly smaller bundle size (up to 97% less) and 2-3 times faster runtime performance. This is achieved through a modern implementation that leverages the latest JavaScript features.

es-toolkit comes with built-in TypeScript types and has been rigorously tested, ensuring 100% test coverage for maximum reliability.


Here are some of the features es-toolkit offers:

  • Array: Utilities for array manipulation, such as uniq and difference.
  • Function: Tools for controlling function execution, including debounce and throttle.
  • Math: Numerical utilities like sum and round.
  • Object: Tools for manipulating JavaScript objects, such as pick and omit.
  • Predicate: Type guard functions like isNotNil.
  • Promise: Asynchronous utilities like delay.
  • String: Utilities for string manipulation, such as snakeCase

Please refer to the following links for more information about this project.

Released under the MIT License.