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Graph showing the difference in performance between es-toolkit and lodash. Using es-toolkit results in a performance gain of up to 11 times.

Designed with performance in mind, es-toolkit provides an average of 2× performance improvement compared to alternative libraries like lodash. Some functions achieve up to an 11× performance gain by fully utilizing modern JavaScript APIs.

Performance Comparison

omit4,767,360 times403,624 times11.8×
pick9,121,839 times2,663,072 times3.43×
differenceWith9,291,897 times4,275,222 times2.17×
difference10,436,101 times5,155,631 times2.02×
intersectionWith8,074,722 times3,814,479 times2.12×
intersection9,999,571 times4,630,316 times2.15×
unionBy6,435,983 times3,794,899 times1.69×
union5,059,209 times4,771,400 times1.06×
dropRightWhile7,529,559 times5,606,439 times1.34×
groupBy5,000,235 times5,206,286 times0.96×

Tested with MacBook Pro 14-inch (M1 Max, 2021). Refer to our benchmark code.

Released under the MIT License.